3 Signs of Hearing Loss

Have you experienced moments where you are having a difficult time understanding a conversation? Are there times when you have to turn up the volume just to hear the music? Both situations could be normal to most people but deep down there could be another underlying problem. Your hearing could be weakened and spotting the problem early is vital. So if you are unsure on how to spot these problems here are a few signs you should watch out for.

Difficulty in understanding conversations

In almost all social settings you would be hanging out with a group of friends and that would lead to numerous conversations. If you were hanging out at a bar or a nightclub it would be understandable if you could not catch certain words or even understand the entire conversation. However, if these conversation were happening in a quiet area and you still have difficulty listening, then you are experiencing hearing loss. This could affect you outside of social settings too, like in your place of work where listening to clients or instructions from your superiors is an important part of your job. This can affect the way you interact with people and make you more isolated and reluctant to be in those settings.


Pain in your ear may be the biggest indicator of hearing loss because it could be an infection.  If you are about to fall ill and your ear is paining it is because of acute otitis media which means there is an infection behind the eardrum which leads to an earache. If you are not sick, your eardrum can also be affected by listening to loud music with your headphones. It is advisable to visit a hearing aid specialist Singapore to get a diagnosis because pain in your ear could also be an indication of other problems like head trauma, which is dangerous.

Loss of balance

If you ever watch an ultimate fighting championship match, you can hear the announcers always mention the effect of being punched near the ear. It can cause you to lose balance and become dizzy which would give your opponent the advantage. But you don’t need to be in a fight for a normal person to lose balance. If you get an inner ear infection known as labyrinthitis, which can happen when the volume of fluid in your ear increases, it can lead to causing balance problems and hearing loss.

Determining whether you are experiencing hearing loss can be hard because unlike most medical conditions, like a cold or a cough, hearing loss isn’t something that is natural to you. So if you are experiencing the signs stated in this article it would be wise to visit a hearing aid clinic to get a diagnosis.


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