Benefits of Aged Care Physiotherapy

As your body ages it will not function the same it did when you were in your twenties or thirties. Through lack of consistent exercise, many elderly patients have had a stroke, high blood pressure, arthritis, diabetes, respiratory problems and circulatory problems. Pressure on joints have caused pain, and weakened and sensitive muscles has made it difficult to walk. As your body changes physically and internally, you will begin to develop health complications that are beyond your control. You may lose strength and may need a form of support to help you walk, whether it be a knee brace, or a walker. You would need help to get you through the day. The worse is needing to do something but not having strength to do it. An aged care physiotherapist can help you build strength through movement and exercise, therapy and advice.

Helps to Manage Pain

There are specific therapy and exercises that help manage pain in elderly patients. Experts say arthritis is the leading cause for joint pain in elderly patients. Aged care physiotherapy is available by a local physiotherapist in rosanna. These physiotherapists are experts in caring for the elderly. They will not only help to manage pain, but will determine the source of the pain. They will pin point the area of pain, treat it, and advice how to manage it, and get you moving in no time.

In Home Care

Aged care physiotherapists provide in home care. It is not only convenient for you but also allows you to be comfortable in your own personal space. It also allows injured elderly patients to be treated without leaving their home or aged care facilities. The patient is able to receive personal attention and care at a time convenient for them AND don’t forget-no waiting in clinics!

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Helps You Keep Moving

The worst thing to do after an injury or a fall is to get a wheelchair and sit on it daily without moving. Your muscles and joints will become stiff and as you delay the process of receiving treatment, it will become even more difficult to get off that wheelchair. It is important to receive the right treatment and care and keep moving. It will help to relieve tension on muscles and prevent stiffness, therefore, making the recovery process much easier on your body.

Everyone ages and experiences injury but how you handle it determines your success or failure. You can do more things in your elderly age than you did in your younger age with aged care physiotherapy.




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