Do not let an idle lifestyle destroy your health

The modern lifestyle has provided us with the ease of sitting at our homes while things are taken care of themselves. A study done by the Cambridge University in the UK has found that just sitting and wasting away time is as dangerous as being obese. Your body is given to you for a reason; if you are to simple sit and wait, a physique made out of flesh-and-blood could be replaced by a clay model.

Problem spread


This is a widely spread issue in the whole world. It was found that there is one adult for every four adults who are not moving enough according to a research done by the World Health Organisation, WHO. Half of the problem comes via people assuming they move sufficiently. How far you should walk per day is not a universal number; it could change based on your body condition, age, your height and weight and more. Even if you walk a few kilometers and then eating to fill double that calories you just burnt, that also is not of any use.


Side effects of sitting for too long


In addition to heart diseases and simply getting fatter, sitting for longer hours can have more side effects that will surprise you. It could be that you are feeling so down because you sit for too long! A study done with more than 3000 state organisation employees, researches in Australia found that people who were sitting in excess of six hours per day tend to feel a certain psychological stress, such as feeling tiresome, hopeless, restless and even nervous. Another research found that sedentary behaviour such as watching TV for extended periods has a risk on increased anxiety. The result is you then going for medications such as antidepressants which can have even more side effects.

Benefits of working out


So now it is clear that exercising is not just to keep your body healthy and slim. It has mental boosting benefits. When you “work out a sweat”, your body will generate endorphins, a hormone which makes you feel good. Rather than watching TV the whole day, sitting at one place consuming oily, fatty food drinking sweetened beverages you ought to stand up, take a walk and switch to low carb food Singapore for a healthy and disease-free life. It will also boost your social collections and make you really enjoy life.


You don’t have to go to gym to stay fit. A simple exercise at your desk or at home is sufficient make you feel good.


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