Four expert dental hygiene tips for a brighter smile

We are instructed and advised to practice the proper oral care habits from a very young age, so that they could become a part of our lifestyle. To be the proud owner of a glittering set of pearly whites, you will have to put in a life time of effort, and this will not be possible without everyday care and attention. Such measures are necessary to fight the millions and millions of bacteria that dwell within our mouths at any given time and prevent the formation of plaque, tooth decay and various oral diseases. Here are a few steps that you can follow in your day to day life to give your oral health the care it deserves.

Brush before bed!

No matter how much our dentists stress on the importance of brushing our teeth twice a day, we will always find a reason to skip the activity before bed. Believe it or not, it is  more important to keep your teeth clean while you sleep than during the day, because the bacterial activity is relatively higher at nigh time. The high amounts of germs and plaque that gets accumulated in our mouth throughout the day must be brushed off before bed, so that there will be no harmful activities going on between our jaws while we are sleeping. So, make it a point to brush your teeth before bed without fail!

Don’t forget the tongue

The cleanliness of your tongue is just as important as that of the teeth and every time you brush, a proper level of attention must be given to the tongue as well. Neglecting the tongue while brushing will give you bad breath all day long, and it will also lead to a number of serious oral health problems. Don’t brush your tongue too hard by applying too much force on the handle. Gently scrape the surface until you can see a clear change in the colour of the tongue.

The right toothpaste

The toothpaste that you use must have an adequate amount of fluoride in it. Fluoride is perhaps the most important substance that assist in oral care and it acts as a barrier against bacterial activity inside the mouth. While whitening power and flavour of the product will affect your buying decision, make sure the fluoride concentration of the toothpaste you buy is just right by checking the specifications.


For those of you thought that the sole purpose of flossing is the removal of those annoying little pieces of meat and spinach that gets stuck between your teeth, guess what, there’s more to it than just that! Dental care experts say that flossing also serves the purpose of stimulating our gums, reducing the formation of plaque and lowering the inflammations in the region, making it an important oral care step that we must all follow.


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