How important is your dental health to you?

Your health is your wealth. If one is not well, spending on medicines as well as other expenses like missing work etc. can cost you more than you have imagined. If you follow the basics to a healthy life there won’t be many instances to ask for medical professional help in general body as well as dental health.

Have a great smile


Dental health is important for your external look as well. Your smile depends on having beautiful white teeth and healthy gums. To have those, you must have a good oral health routine such as flossing and brushing regularly. Dental health starts with clean teeth; for this brushing in the right way is important. Tooth surfaces must be brushed correctly but not with too tight a hand. Between teeth is where food particles are stuck, so brushing them out is very important to prevent tooth decay. Also, to have healthy gums, the area where the teeth meets the gum has to be cleaned right. Brushing right means you won’t have cavities as well. Flossing prevents accumulation of food particles in between your teeth too.


What to use?


Brushing twice a day is important. However, just moving your toothbrush on the teeth is not sufficient. You have to choose the right gear. Fluoride toothpastes are known to be more useful when it comes to keeping oral health. Also, the brush must be having soft bristles and it should fit your mouth perfectly. If possible you can use an electric toothbrush which, with its brushing techniques can help prevent gingivitis and mild forms of other dental issues. Do not forget to visit your dentist to clean your teeth and check on any unwanted developments within your mouth cavity as and when needed too.

Some tips to remember


Always keep your equipment clean. Rinse and use a cap on the toothbrush and store it upright after usage. If you can keep all the toothbrushes separately from each other at home, it will avert any cross-contamination threats. It has to air dry after using; so make sure the cap or cover you buy for it has air holes in it. When brushing you must follow the right techniques. Slant your toothbrush and use it to reach even the corner most areas in your mouth cavity and the area where the gum starts. Use back-and-forth movements to gently brush the teeth. Do not forget to brush your tongue as well. Also remember to replace your toothbrush at least every two months. If you use a frayed and bristle-less brush it is the same as not brushing.


Similar to your general body health, dental health is also important. Make sure you take care of those teeth and gum for a lovely smile.





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