Living Abroad – How To Face A Pregnancy And Delivery Away From Home

Tips and suggestions to reduce your stress and fear of having a baby abroad.


Consider Where You Want To Have Your Baby

Ok here’s the thing. Having a baby overseas and away from your home country is not impossible¾it has been done countless times, and successfully as well. But it has its pros and cons. The biggest cons that we can think of is that you will not be surrounded by your family members when your little one arrives (unless they fly in) and that it may be possible that your baby may not be recognized as a citizen of your home country¾depending on your country. If you’re ok with that, then the following tips will be of use to you. If not, and you wish to be in your homeland at least for the delivery of your child, then we suggest you look for flights that will allow you on board during the last parts of your pregnancy. It’s also a great idea to pack your bags for the journey a few months ahead, just so you don’t have to struggle with it during the hardest part of your pregnancy.

Applying For Citizenship In Your Home Country

Inform your home country about your baby. Find out if you should apply for citizenship for the baby, or if that happens naturally. If you intend to fly home right after the delivery to visit your family, then you might also want to consider applying for a passport right after the baby is born.


Find A Gynecologist That You Can Be Confident In

Unless you are not given a choice about it, it’s always best to try and look up your doctors before being treated by them. Obstetricians and gynecologists are no different¾after all, they deal with the birth of your baby; by far the most important part of your pregnancy. If possible, look for a doctor who is friendly and easily contactable. If you live in Singapore, look for a female gynaecologist in Singapore who radiates confidence. This will definitely reduce the stress.


Get Familiar With The Procedures Of The Local Hospitals

Each locality has their own style when it comes to delivery and post-delivery care. You might want to take a look at that before you decide on a hospital. Make sure you ask them if the father can be present during the delivery¾some countries and hospitals don’t allow this. You might also want to inquire about the general duration of the post-delivery stay at the hospital to make arrangements.

Your Meals During The Last Stages Of Your Pregnancy

Cooking for yourself and for your family can be quite difficult during the latter parts of your pregnancy. If your spouse can manage this part, you should not have any issue. But if not, consider making ahead a few freezer meals, getting familiar with the areas healthy food delivery options, as well as hiring someone to cook for you during that problem. This is particularly important if you have older children to look after. In the event of your baby having older siblings, don’t forget to arrange for a babysitter for the period you’ll be away from home.

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