Merits of improving workplace safety

According to a study, expenses that had to be borne for disabling injuries were almost surpassed 60 billion dollars in 2015 alone. Activities such as pulling, carrying, throwing objects, pushing and lifting has caused over-exertion which was the reason for almost one fourth of all the workplace injuries. Healthcare expenses for these are to be endured by the employer. If there are no plans of insurance or health and safety protocols, this type of costs can even make a business lose its footing.

Importance of safe safety culture at the workplace


This has to always begin from the top. How often are you communicate the importance of this to your subordinates? By which means do you do it? Do you have any monthly discussions about it at least with the heads of departments? Is it mentioned in any email or any quarterly or annual newsletter? If your objective is to reduce accidents and subsequent costs at the workplace, first what you have to do is to build up a culture of workplace safety. You must look into the reasons and causes of your top injuries and work towards removing those reasons. Then you have to work with the heads of departments.  In turn they must work with all the employees to reduce the occurrences of these accidents.


Have a proper plan


Train your employees. Comprehensive bizsafe training must be invested on; it has to be done by professionals in the field. Create a programme where you reward the employees for their behaviour of safe work ethics and comportments. Offering a small reward to the employees who follow the policies of safety and health will keep them happy and the others engaged. It could also make a big difference in changing employee outlook, hence reducing injuries in the workplace. One thing you can do is to design some signs and notices to successfully communicate important information about the actions you have taken to reduce accidents in the workplace. You can also use labels to communicate steps of using machinery. Even experts at times can forget to flip a switch or wear gloves.

Little things


Small but important things are pertinent to workplace safety and health. For example, humans can endure so much, so you must encourage taking breaks. Of course, not twenty minutes per hour, but you can set a standard via the human resources department and enforce it. Also make sure things are kept clean; grime can hide a missing nut and spilled oil is a recipe for slippery floors. Include the safety protocols to the induction programme thereby implementing it from the start of a work life of the employees.


A safe workplace is not only a means of reducing organizational spending but also a way to improve work life quality and directing a company towards better returns.



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