Practical gift ideas for someone working long hours on their feet

Buying gifts can be a hard thing sometimes, especially if they are the practical kind. If you have someone special to gift shop for, and they happen to be working long hours on their feet, then the below gift suggestions listed below would be of use to you…

A full-on spa treatment

Getting a spa day is something most of us dream of; especially when we spend most of our waking hours working or fulfilling commitments. But it’s also true that a full body massage or a day at the spa can be quite expensive. You could for sure gift them a voucher for a spa day; but alternatively, you could also consider getting them a voucher for a foot spa or foot massage. This will not only make their feet feel better, they’ll also find them prettier and smoother to the touch. working on their feet the week after their spa treatment will feel so much better.


Permanent solution for their heel ache

Heel pains are like an occupational hazard when it comes to most jobs that require you to spend a lot of time on your feet. While most times it is simply tired feet aching, sometimes it could possibly be something more serious. Get their feet checked from a professional. Heel pain treatment in Singaporeis very reliable; so do check into it. your attention to something they might have been ignoring for a while will be a gift in itself.


The right shoes take you to the right places

Admittedly, the above two suggestions are not everyone’s first choice when it comes to gifts. This is regardless to how useful and practical it is. If you are looking for a tangible gift, or even for a gift suggestion that is lower in budget, then we suggest you buy them a stylish yet comfortable pair of shoes. First, find out their shoe size; getting this wrong could spoil the entire gift. Then, look around for shoes that promise to be comfortable for the feet, but are professional looking¾they are going to be wearing it for work. last, make sure it’s stylish and that it may be a design they’d like. Alternatively, you could also opt to giving them a gift voucher from a shoe shop.

Reducing the time that they spend on their feet

While a gift like shoes will be ideal for a sales person, it’ll be quite useless for someone like a home baker. For these people, rather than trying to make their feet comfortable, it’s better for you to try and reduce the time they spend on their feet. One good gift suggestion for them would be a light weight foldable stool that they can carry around.

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