Safe Workplace: Health and Safety Basics

Health and safety is a touchy topic for most businesses especially when something has gone wrong. But this is a time most people talk about health and safety. However, it seems that most businesses only talk about health and safety when it’s too late, after something happens. While there are many cases of health and safety violations by different big companies it seems that those who are most neglectful are small businesses.

When it comes to health and safety, the biggest problem is that businesses and people ignore the important essentials because nothing has happened, they assume they can continue without the precautions. This is normally when tragedy hits. Something bad happens and you look all around for something to save yourself but realize that you got rid of it because nothing had happened and it was getting in your way. Be it a large or small company this is the case. Health and safety is not needed because so far nothing has happened.

However, when tragedy strikes, this is when everyone turns to the other person to find to point the finger at and blame. Most of the time it’s the company or top management. While there are cases that warrant the blame falling on management, sometimes the fault is our own. To avoid potential problems like this is why you get bizsafe level 3 consultant, to help you and your business achieve health and safety standards that are essential to keep everyone safe and sound.

While getting the help of consultants like this, will help bring the company towards becoming a healthy and safe working environment, the real responsibilities lie with the ground level employees and their management. What is needed is to build a culture that works towards a safe and responsible culture. The reason culture is important for health and safety is because this means that whatever you do on company property is keeping with health she safety rules.

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If you manage to maintain a culture of health and safety, then repeated trainings and seminars from consultants won’t be needed as health and safety is already ensured. This means that you or the company go beyond what is needed to pass inspection and take extra actions. This could mean you send people from. The business to first aid training or fire safety training so that you are not only addressing the expectations of the standard but you understand the spirit of why you have the standard. In the long run this will save money, save the company’s reputation and most importantly save people’s lives.

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