Sleep Is For The Weak? Your Body Says Sleep Are For The STRONG ONES!

Whoever said sleep is for the weak, is the real loser in this path. Sleep gives different functions for our body that is very positive, fit and healthy for us. Sleep is being ignored by many and would not give attention to why sleep is important and I am glad you’re reading this cause that means you’re one of the few who really cares about their selves. As someone who wants to gain muscle every little detail and tips are important. I’m telling you that you should not be resistant to take a sleep. Sleeping makes your body rest and repair your damaged tissues including your muscle tissues.

Why is sleep good for the muscle? It’s because your growth hormones are being produced and protein synthesis takes place too during sleep specifically in your deep sleep phase. This helps your body because it uses your sleeping duration to absorb the nutrients and build muscle tissue. To gain muscle, the protein that are broken down should be less than those that are synthesized and while you’re asleep protein synthesis takes place as stated above which gives your body time to regenerate and help you recover from your workout that damaged your muscle tissues. But the outcome will probably be reversed if you eat before your bedtime. It is suggested that you eat 2 hours before sleeping, this gives your body time to digest and rest. Upon sleeping you will be at ease and soothe yourself with a good sleep because of this healthy preparation for your sleep. You may also have it checked with a gynae health clinic for women if your sleep may be deprived by an unknown discomfort in your area.

Sleeping also makes your brain relaxed and recharge for another day full of activities. How much sleep do you need? According to experts 8-10 hours every night is already a good duration of sleep but too much of that will not do any good to your body. Sleeping more than 10 hours a day will ruin your sleep-wake cycle and will not make you sleep the next day at the same time. You must sleep regularly at the same time to avoid confusion of your body, this is like an automated clock that gives you a wake time with your choice. You just have to train your body to do so and it will be easier for you to be a morning person because you have had enough sleep. Give priority to sleeping, so that you will recover and grow! It’s obvious that too much or too less of sleep deprives your body, that’s why we have to be cautious and be aware of the needs of our body to be fit and healthy. Although, some may think that sleeping are for the lazy ones only but the truth is sleeping makes your brain work better and faster which makes you more efficient in doing your job well.


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