Sportsman’s Guide: Staying Fit

If the sports life is your life, you have no need to worry about simple, mediocre things like your health, right? Wrong. Just because you stay fit for a living, does not warrant your ignorance of your health in detail. While the trials of being a sports person are such that you often have no time for anything else, it is always a good idea to take time and prepare yourself for a healthier future. Read on for how that can be made possible.

Regular Check ups

Yes, this may seem pretty normal, but scheduling a normal health check up by a non-sports doctor is essential for you. Your sports doctors have all the reports they need on you and they know your body – the truth there cannot be denied; however, having a fresh set of eyes examine you outside of a sports facility can be useful in detecting symptoms or sicknesses that are not directly related to your sport but can exist nonetheless. A normal doctor will look past all of the things that sports doctors look at and treat you like a normal patient – this enables you to have the full medical benefits provided to any living person, without the fear that your doctor is working on his own agenda to keep you “healthy” enough to play your professional sport.


Mental Health

Contrary to popular belief, your mental health is of utmost importance – especially in a high strung, stress inducing environment such as the one you live in. The condition of your mind is the most important aspect of yourself – without you being right in the head, your physical strength will not matter. Of course, living and breathing a sport brings with it its own mental benefits, however, it will not do you any harm to schedule a few sessions of therapy once in a while to make sure that your mind is healthy and is stable. This requires no extra effort; you just have to sit and talk to someone.


If you are a recovering sportsperson – in the sense, you suffered an injury and you do not seem to be getting better, or if you have an operation due to be performed on you – you may want to consider outsourcing your performative operations.

Arthroscopic surgery Singapore is the best that exists, and if you are in an Asian country where specialists are few, you can easily schedule something from where you live. Nobody needs to tell you that your bones and body are precious to you – keeping them in check is your responsibility, not that of your agency.

Being fit for a living doesn’t mean you’re always healthy – know the difference and become proactive.

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