Things to Look Out For When House Hunting With Kids

Security of Neighbourhood

This is something that you have to have on the top of your list, regardless of whether you are looking for a house for a family, or a single person. Unless you feel safe in the neighbourhood, chances are that you will never be able to truly relax. And that means you are constantly on edge about the safety of your loved ones; even when they are safe and sound at home. To avoid this from happening, always research the neighbourhood you intend to buy a house from. If possible, talk to your potential neighbours about the crime rate of the neighbourhood, as well as about the general security of it. You should also consider asking them about the late night loud parties in the neighbourhood, as it may affect your children’s sleep.

Safetyof the Building

If you happen to have very young kids, then this tip is vital. Try your best to select a home that is not too close to a main road. This avoids the potential danger of living next to a busy street filled with speeding vehicles. Make sure that the stairs are secure, and that the railings and fences are sturdy. Always remember that you might have to put in safety stair gates, so make sure this is possible.


Accessibility of Emergency Help

Having a child may have been a difficult task, but raising one promises to be just as challenging. And this is one challenge that you don’t want to face alone. While it’s true that your partner or spouse will be around to help you out, it will be preferable if you at least have a friend or a relative close enough to ask for help. Apart from this, other emergency helps like an emergency dental clinic or a hospital within driving or walking distance will also be ideal. In addition to this, if you can just find a 24-hour grocery store or pharmacy, then you’ve hit the right neighbourhood!

Availability of Fun Activities for the Kids

Children are not meant to be cooped up within four walls, no matter how fancy their home is. Ideally, a home with a yard or a garden will be fantastic; as it gives your children the space to play and explore. If that is not an option, then at least make it so that their neighbourhood has a park for the children, as well as other fun activities like an aquarium, or a gaming centre for older kids.

Distance to Their School or Day Care As Well As Your Work

It is the general practice to check for the distance of your potential home from your place of work when going house hunting. However, since this is going to be the house of a family, you will also need to check for the distance of your child’s school or day care centre. Is your child too young to be in school yet? If so, make sure there are a few potential schools in the neighbourhood, or you might end up having to move when they are ready to start school.

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