When pain demands to be treated

Everyone fears pain in their lives- may it be the physical pain or the mental pain that is concerned. Your body aches, the wounds and the body system malfunctions belong to the physical pains category, while depression, anxiety and stress fall in to the category of mental pains. What so ever it is, every pain has a treatment. You can either go for western medical treatments or the traditional, according to your preference, but choose this wisely with understanding.

The difference between Western and Traditional treatments

Okay, this is a known fact. The Western medication always first treats for the symptoms, but the traditional medicine treats for the root cause first. When pain is felt by someone, Western medical practitioners try decreasing the amount of pain by means of cold, heat or pain killers. Then only surgery, therapy or further medicine is suggested for the root cause of the disease.  Traditional treatments, mainly the Chinese medicine North Balwyn does the opposite of this.

How does a pain come?

According to the Eastern medicine Gurus, pain occurs mainly due to two causes. One is due to an imbalance of duality, and the other is due to an imbalance of the blood circulation of the body. These imbalances can occur due to natural reasons such as the weather conditions, due to injuries and even due to emotional and pathogenic conditions.

Traditional medicine always suggests finding the rooting reasons first, and then going for curing methods using traditional approaches. This will take some considerable time, but they say, the cure is definite.

Herbs as pain killers?

In Traditional medicine a number of herbal plants are used for treatments and they call this the Phytotherapy. Rather than taking one single plant as the complete medicine, the Traditional medical officers have a blend of a combination of several such herbal plants.

Acupuncture approach to heal pains?

Unlike the herbal treatments, traditional medicine also trusts on acupuncture methods, which are quite popular among Western population as well as a household concept. This approach is all about using thin needles inserted in to the skin of the bodies of patients, so that a proper circulation of blood is ensured. So, it is expected that the pains will be thus healed.

Sometimes, based on the recommendations of the health practitioner, there are instances where herbal treatments are together used with acupuncture approaches.  Other recommended therapies include Yoga methods and meditation approaches that are mainly targeted at healing mental pains such as anxiety and depression. They say, it is always wise to have a balance between mental and physical wellbeing, and traditional medicine has best approaches for both.


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